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Perfect Indigo is the leading development agency on
Voice Assistants: Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana and Siri

Corporate Division

We help large organizations to develop and implement a Voice strategy that specifically suits the customer’s needs.

We look for the best approach and then build custom solutions to specific problems.

Our Corporate division includes:


Online Banking and Financial Services


Telecommunication Companies & Utilities Providers


Retailers and E-commerce


Airlines and Travel Agencies



Media & Entertainment Division

Perfect Indigo brings Voice Technology to companies in Media & Entertainment.

Voice introduction helps this industry keep at the forefront of technological innovations.

We integrate Voice solutions for:


Digital Media









And also specific Marketing Promotions for clients through Digital Agencies.


chatbot services

Perfect indigo is now integrating CHATBOT technology to provide our customers with the best ways to interact with voice and text-based conversational interfaces.

By using machine learning we can understand customers needs and respond accordingly.

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Our Portfolio

* In partnership with IDATHA


Our Team

PERFECT INDIGO is an Argentine / Uruguayan company, highly specialized in New Technologies and Voice-Chatbots Platform. It was founded by Internet executives and engineers coming from different segments. We are a start up with passion, knowledge and previous experience that understands customer needs and forsee a future where voice & artificial intelligence will be the key to interact with people.

IDATHA was founded in 2014 by five IT professionals and academics. They build artificial intelligence solutions that empower business leaders and their teams by extracting, surfacing and analyzing relevant information from global sources in real-time. Their team of data scientists, engineers and researchers work on complex and ground-breaking approaches to information retrieval, natural language processing, text analytics, machine learning, topic classification, entity recognition, sentiment analysis, image classification and computer vision

IDATHA has recently joined Perfect Indigo as a key technological partner to keep growing in our target market.


Alejandro Mondrzak

University of Buenos Aires and Stanford University Former CEO at Clarin Group Digital Unit and now serial entrepreneur.


Carlos Salsamendi

Systems Analyst from Uruguay's Universidad ORT, 25+ years of experience in management positions in multiple multinational companies across LATAM.


Laura Losoviz

Boston University Partner & COO at Ofelia, an e-commerce platform. Formerly Co-Founder & Partner at WINTA S.A.


Sebastián García

Computer Engineer from Uruguay's Universidad de la República. CEO and Co-Founder of IDATHA.

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Miami | United States


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